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Often when I really love an episode of Doctor Who, I won’t watch it again for a long time, so it can feel as new as possible the next time I watch it.

  • The Time Lords: The Doctor is interfering with time too much.
  • The Time Lords: Let's banish him to 20th Century Earth, that'll stop him.
  • The Universe: ...

They should’ve called the serial Robot  ”When Harry met Sarah”

They should’ve called “Day of the Doctor”, “The Other Three Doctors”





Gay, Black, Female Doctor Who

Also, could I just point out that a POC doctor could go to places in history where white people would stand out? Like… Africa is a big place. With a TON of history. That not a lot of people know a lot about. That hasn’t been done to death in media. I can’t be the only one who is tired of “of look France with women in ginormous dresses, how historical”, “oh look England and swords and shit, this is the history” -things in tv and movies. And I haven’t even watched a whole lot of Dr Who yet. Not to mention future Africa. And fucking colonialism. Those would all be incredible fodder for plots if your main character was black. 

Bolding because this needs to be stated

The Doctor is canonically asexual or pansexual, depending on incarnation. “No hugging, no kissing” was very much enforced by the Beeb with old-school Who. However, we still know he sired kids, because of Susan (unless he adopted Susan). Four and Romana were also clearly an item. The novels establish Eight as very openly bi. Nine and Ten had their moments with Jack (then again, EVERYONE has their moments with Jack…) The current stance is that Doc has been in so many places and eras, and comes from a wildly different culture, so his concepts on gender and sexuality don’t match to Earth’s.

Being female or PoC could also make life VERY uncomfortable for Doc if he went to certain places and eras. Recall the kind of shit Martha was regularly putting up with, with Doc being cheerfully oblivious to it (casting her as his maid in the John Smith ID was a dick move on his part). It would not be fun if he suddenly got the same treatment - or worse - pull;ed on him. Bonus if Martha gets a reprise role in telling him “Not fun, is it?”

If the Doctor were a POC, the whole white savior thing would immediately be absent for the duration of that Doctor’s tenure, which would be sweet.

My toddler nephews LOVE Doctor Who, so I threw this together for them when I visited The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  

I told them this is what happened to me while they were taking their nap today.

They’ve watched it 5 times already.